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**I can't believe I haven't written in my blog since February. Aye!

Disclaimer: I am not an english teacher and know I am at times horrible with grammar. Sorry :s! lol! I'll keep working on me.

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Ol' Fence Post Vintage Market https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2017/2/ol-fence-post-vintage-markt I had a whole lot of fun being a part of Powell's Feed & Supply 1st ever Vintage Market! Ran in to so many ppl I know and met new faces! I didn't quite make it on Sunday because Saturdays rain really took a toll on my bones. Getting old sucks! I had pretty much my entire family help me unload and load which was so appreciated. I was welcomed and treated so very nice by the Markets organizer and her team that it has definitely left me wanting more. I went in with no expectations whats so ever. What I did learn is that I need to introduce some more colorful pieces. The Farmhouse theme has not quite caught on here in CG as much as I had thought. Which is okay and I'll just tell myself that I'm a little ahead of the game to make myself feel better, lol!  I do know that I have checked off being a part of a vintage market for 2017! And I'm well on my way to joining one other one on March 11th being thrown by the 3 French Henz here in Casa Grande! This will be the perfect opportunity to come see me and my style one more time here in CG! And don't forget that the Ol' Fence Post Market is still going on now till the 26th! They introduce new pieces each day. So much to see and such a fun atmosphere!

See you March 11th, 2017 at 3 French Hens, 121 W Florence Blvd. Suite B, Casa Grande, Az 85122.


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10 Healthy benefits of Pecans: Why they are so good for you! https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/12/10-healthy-benefits-of-pecans-why-they-are-so-good-for-you Who doesn't have new years resolutions just waiting for the strike of midnight January, 1st, 2017? I have a few.... I've battled weight issues all my life. I love my sweets. Drink coca cola and have a sit down career where I sit for hours editing photo sessions. I don't like to work out and when I do it's brief walks at the farm. So this year my new years resolution(this is just one of them)is to start moving more and try to shed off at least 20lbs. Small goals are more realistic for me. 


Which brings me to my point. I started doing some research on healthy eating habits and continuously found something or other being made with pecans. I then found the nut chart that explains how pecans are the highest in antioxidants. I was floored! Whether you say pee-can or peh-kahn, they are probably one of the most sought after nuts and can be tossed in just about anything. Its all making sense now. The man that planted the pecan trees. The man who got so much joy from planting, irrigating, harvesting, that poured his sweat and tears into the farm lived to be 83 years old. The man is Juan Ledezma, my husbands grandfather. And here we are keeping his legacy alive by having families enjoy our small pecan farms beauty. Not knowing that this fruit/nut could potentially be the cure for many diseases.. So I put together a few photos found on google to show you what type of foods and gooddies can be made using pecans all while lowering sugar intakes, heart healthy, improving digestions, weight loss help, reducing the risks of certain cancers,  anti-inflammatory benefits, boots immunity. I could go on and on.... but won't. You'll have to read this info for yourself: http://food.ndtv.com/food-drinks/why-pecan-nuts-are-good-for-you-and-how-to-eat-them-1262183

Wishing you and yours a very happy and prosperous new year! Stay safe!


And as always we sell pecans! $3lb! call 5208400142 or 5208403065 to make an appt! Come out and take a selfie on our tractor <3!




call 5208400142 or 5208403065 to make an appt! Come out and take a selfie on our tractor <3!

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Mr & Mrs Terrazas https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/11/mr-mrs-terrazas


Mr & Mrs Terrazas wedding was absolutely magical in every sense of the word! The emotions tied up within every detail makes for the most beautiful union! Reliving the wedding through each image is a feeling & experience I can't get over! To know that their will be many, many stories told from images I captured is all worth the blessed job I hold!

Thank You Mr & Mrs Terrazas for taking me along on your beautiful and exciting chapter!

(Rewind sound)..... Lets rewind to the photos that got us to those three top photos first shown!


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Desiree's Family https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/11/desirees-family

I worked with Desiree and Anailei approximately 2 years ago! I loved getting that call back after so long to do their Christmas Photos for the 2nd time! I even included that photo from back then....

Girls really made my day! I last saw little miss Anailei when she was barely walking. She is now a full blown princess! Just loved her! Plus this time around Melisa(nana) joined in the fun!

Thank You girls for all your support with my small business<3!

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Dawkins Family https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/11/dawkins-family The Dawkins Family

The Dawkins and I have been working on their family session for an entire year! We finally got them done and hope this family is as happy as I am about every single photo! I take great pride in story telling through each image. This legacy that will be left for our children's children to reminisce about is priceless!

Thank You Mandi, David & Connor for allowing me to be apart of your legacy! XOXO -Bea


Queen Bea Designs & Photography          5208400142        queenbeadesigns@gmail.com

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Graciano Family https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/11/gracianofamily  

The Graciano Family

almost needs no introduction! A military family living life to the fullest! I am very blessed to have been able to capture their very first family portraits. We all had such an amazing time <3! Thank You Graciano's!




Photos by A.Ortega

Photos by A.Ortega Photos by A.Ortega


queenbeadesigns@gmail.com (Queen Bea Designs) Fambam Family Family Strong Queen Bea Designs & Photography family united https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/11/gracianofamily Tue, 15 Nov 2016 18:36:15 GMT
Ayden https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/11/ayden LA DODGERS #1 FAN

Ayden Cheaters

 Mr Ayden was born on September 24th, 2016. Weighing in at 5lbs 15oz.. He is the baby brother of two sisters.  This little man had my heart so full!  He didn't want to go to sleep at the beginning so I took my time and held him in my arms till he feel heavy to sleep.  After that we were able to do 4 different poses of him! I want to thank Shelly and her husband for this precious opportunity! And I'll see  you soon during Mr Ayden's 1st Christmas session <3!





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Jesstina & George https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/10/jesstina-george

This day was so magical! As one of the photographers I wasn't really stressing and I'm usually very nervous before a big gig like this.  The bride was looking relaxed and had this glow about her as I spent most of the time with her before the ceremony!
  Everything went off without a hitch and it always amazes me to see the team work that happens to pull off such a glorious day!  I would of loved to upload another hundred photos and shrink others to fit more but I think that these highlighted chosen ones say it all.  I have one of the best jobs ever to be able to capture a day of this magnitude and share in reliving it all over again.  Wishing both of you all the best for today and always.  May God bless you, your families with all the love and happiness on your new journey as husband and wife.

Thank You Jesstina, George and your entire family!


  Photos by A.Ortega


Photos by A.Ortega Photos by A.Ortega Photos by A.Ortega Photos by A.Ortega Photos by A.Ortega

Photos by A.Ortega Photos by A.Ortega Photos by A.Ortega

queenbeadesigns@gmail.com (Queen Bea Designs) I do Queen Bea Designs & Photography catholic church glorious wedding october wedding wedding https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/10/jesstina-george Mon, 31 Oct 2016 01:16:45 GMT
AnalisasFamBam https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/10/analisasfambam


<3 Analisa & her gorgeous babies <3!


This is the 3rd time that I've had the pleasure in working with this beautiful family!

My heart melts every time I see & work with the family! Such well behaved kids make my job so easy!

Thank You Analisa for allowing me to capture more treasured memories of you and your kids!


















queenbeadesigns@gmail.com (Queen Bea Designs) Fambam Family Family Strong Queen Bea Designs & Photography family united https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/10/analisasfambam Fri, 21 Oct 2016 18:23:18 GMT
Amir Turns 1 https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/10/amir-turns-1  



 I had a blast working for Amir, his mommy and daddy!

Their shoot took place at one of the Gilbert, Az locations that I use frequently and is pretty popular for it's waterfall, creek and grass areas.

Amir is a busy little boy, full of wonder and curiosity.

His parents signed up for an entire hour session. And Little Mr Amir did wonderful for his first time being photographed and for such a long session. I think he's a natural! Love him!

I want to thank Laurissa for hiring me to capture her son's 1st birthday photos. Hope to do more business with you in the future guys!














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The Ebelsheisers https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/9/the-ebelsheisers  

50 Years of Ebelsheisers

Queen Bea Designs & Photography        Ph: 5208400412       Email:  queenbeadesigns@gmail.com

 I've had the pleasure of working with Nick & Amberly Peterson on two different occasions.  Which were, The Petersons maternity and 1st Christmas sessions back in 2015<3! I've now had the blessing in coming together for the 3rd time uniting all the Ebelsheisers for a big family session! Feeling very humbled that they've entrusted me and my talent to make their mark in this very moment in time. That will be cherished for years and years to come!

Here's to 50 years (and many more) of Ebelsheisers!  Thank You you everyone!


We are pregnant

The Petersons used the opportunity of the entire family being together to surprise them with a "we're pregnant" pose. Where cute little Sawyer Jax wore a shirt that said, "Only Child [Expires] 2017"! If that's not the cutest thing ever, I don't know what is!!  Congratulations Petersons!  Below are some of the surprise photos.

















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Denae's Sweet 16 https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/9/denaes-sweet-16

Wishing Miss Denae a very happy sweet 16! Meeting Denae and her parents was an amazing and beautiful blessing! Delberta, mom, put together one of the most amazing teams which consisted of an awesome DJ, Caterer and myself as the photographer! Denae's Sweet 16 went off without a hitch!

Thank You Delberta for hiring me! I hope to stay friends and work with you in the very near future!

**Call Dewski's Fry Bread & Catering @ 520-262-3006 if you need a caterer! He makes a mean meatloaf and mashed potato w/bacon!

**Call Wayne DjNativesky Allison (facebook page) if in need of a very hard working DJ! This guy didn't stop playing even to eat!

































































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Old cozy chair https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/9/cozy-old-chair  



Yesterday, Labor day started out like every other Monday.  Hard to get moving till I had my cup of coffee, type of day.  Once the coffee kicked in, I finished painting a few small decor items from my black wrought iron days. And if you guessed the paint I used was "Annie Sloan old ochre chalk paint" you are absolutely 100% right! I am in love with this color!

During the drying period of my pieces I headed over to the Goodwill store! Yes, GOODWILL! Have you been? I visit their store periodically for new to me treasures! I find that the store down Arizona Ave & Riggs Rd is very neatly up kept, organized and most importantly doesn't have that stankface effect on me when I walk through the doors.  First, I head over to their furniture dept. for antiques. I then go down the glass/candle holder/plates aisles and if I don't find anything there I run through the blanket/sheets/towels aisles.  And down the last aisles and to my surprise I find three pieces I had to have. One was a red plush (& when I say plush, I mean PLUSH!) blanket, a thick chanielle damask pattern throw (I know my fabrics!) and an off white chair cover.  Well if you know anything about chair covers you know that you can't just purchase a chair cover without having measurements and or know what type of chair the cover is for.  Lets just say that I broke those rules! No measurements and had no clue if it would fit any of my chairs. 

I return home and immediately threw all my pieces in the wash and added extra softner!  As soon as the chair cover dried I tried it on one of my wing chairs. I think I rotated the darn thing like 10 times trying to see how it fit, where the arm portion of it was.  I'm not going to lie, it made me a little upset that here I am able to assemble fixtures and I can't navigate my way around this chair cover.  And for the day it defeats me. I wake up in the next morning and am about to call the chair cover a loss when I remember i have a bulky chair in the garage. The chair that is being forgotten and is not being loved.  I head over there and after only two rotations of the cover I figured it out, yay!

You see a wing chair and a bulky chair are obviously two type of chairs and while I can go into the specifics I won't.  I am too excited to know that while it didn't fit like a glove it did give me the look I was after! Ruffled, wrinkled, oversized and overall very cozy. One of those chairs you sink in too, while bundled up in a red plush blanket and sipping on a 2nd cup of coffee type of chair! And who knows, tonight I may just sit in it enjoying a hot cup of chocolate all bundled up in the same red plush blanket, ha! I can't wait for the COLD weather to arrive!


**Don't hesitate in correcting me if anything is misspelled or for punctuation! I sometimes get in a hurry to write something and make mistakes. It happens. :D!

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VintageRentals https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/8/vintagerentals Vintage Rentals is coming soon!

Working diligently to bring Casa Grande(and surrounding areas) something new!

Small eventsWeddings | Bridal showers | Photo shoots: family portraits, senior pictures, etc. on our land or yours | Baby showers | Corporate & business functions | Ladies’ luncheons & tea parties | Private parties | Theater productions and school/church plays | Social clubs | In your home.

More photos coming soon!


queenbeadesigns@gmail.com (Queen Bea Designs) https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/8/vintagerentals Wed, 24 Aug 2016 00:07:15 GMT
Sam's 21st Birthday https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/8/sams-21st-birthday Sams 21st Birthday This is our Princess! Sam is our 2nd oldest. She's always been our girlie girl. She was a sport fanatic throughout her young life. And now spends her days working and coaching Vista Grande's Frosh volleyball team. She loves her pitbull Amaya who's shes had since she was a baby! Isn't she adorable?!

We did not give her a Quinceanera or Sweet 16 even though she was a dama at all her friends quinceaneras.  So this year she pretty much begged us for this party.  We know how hard she works and didn't mind splurging on her big day!

Definitely have to say that even though we were killed by mosquitos because it had rained the entire week. We wouldn't do anything different!

Love you sammie<3! Hope you enjoyed your big day!                                        -Mom & Dad

More Photos Here

queenbeadesigns@gmail.com (Queen Bea Designs) https://www.queenbeadesigns.com/blog/2016/8/sams-21st-birthday Mon, 08 Aug 2016 18:42:40 GMT